the best hair extensions are the ones that can't be found!  


That’s why I’ve created my step by step course, FTW: Flex-Tip Workshop.

Melinda is a an unrivaled hair educator.  I have received several trainings and as a result I have watched my business grow into my dream career. I enjoy a stable clientele that LOVES their hair.
I am proud to say that these courses have increased my confidence. They are awesome!  Melinda’s teaching style is clear and easy to follow. She has the unique ability to break down complex subjects into simple bites.  I was able to apply everything I learned in my business.
I have no regrets!  I am grateful for everything I have gained through her courses.

Jonquil D. - Fiercelocks

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Flex-Tip Workshop is a four module online course.

It covers everything you need to know to create stunning transformations with fine precision.


Introduction Module:  Welcome!

  • Meet your teacher

  • Getting around in your course site


Module 1: Universal Hair Extension Practices

  • Concepts and design practices that are common to every hair extension system

  • Preparing your client's hair

  • Determining the precut and hair fabric considerations (what works and what doesn’t) - letting your client know what to expect

  • How to deal with partlines and cowlicks

  • Avoiding common danger zones and staying hidden around hairlines

  • Preparing for an amazing hair extension service


Module 2: Flex-Tip Installations

  • Complete system education: hair, tools and tips

  • Preparation for your station

  • Placement & base technique

  • Installation & troubleshooting

  • Removal

  • Preparing for re-installation

  • Finish work


Module 3: Advanced Cutting, Blending & Styling

  • How to cut extensions (and why so many people get it wrong!)

  • Three modes of blending extensions into the natural hair

  • Basics of extension styling and how your client can get salon results at home

  • Hair coloring: blending and regrowth dos and don'ts

  • Troubleshooting - common things that go wrong and how to avoid pitfalls

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Module 4: Get Your Certification and Affiliate Listing

  • Certification steps for Nanos

  • Affiliate referral listing pages

  • How to apply for your Doctored Locks stylist discount

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when you join this program, You are never alone.

Priority Support:

You’ll have access to priority email support.  Emails will be answered within a few hours (during normal business hours).  You’ll never be left wondering how to dial things in!


You are a true hair extension industry pioneer.  I have learned an endless amount from your in depth step-by-step videos.  You have a gift for teaching and I appreciate how your methods speak to every skill level.  This has helped our other entry level stylists achieve amazing things at a rapid rate.

Dollylocks Salon has grown tremendously by employing your ingenious hair extension methods.  My clients are now die hard extension fans!  They love not worrying about hair damage and that they can have nearly any new style they could possibly want.  

You and the entire Doctored Locks team are absolutely fantastic! You have created the perfect hair lover’s online paradise!  Thank you for all that you do!

Alin L. - Dollylocks Salon


Buy FTW: Flex-Tip Workshop Now!


Includes All Modules:

Module 1: Universal Foundations of Hair Extensions
Module 2: Flex-Tip Nano Hair Extension Installation
Module 3: Advanced Cutting, Blending & Styling - Your Credibilty
Module 4: Certification Testing and Affiliate Program - Your Integrity


One Payment of $397




You can complete course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an Internet connection!

The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you'll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.

During the installation portions, you can follow along and practice on mannequin heads to get your perfect rhythm.



The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. Most of our students are able to earn more immediately after completing the course.

Others might take a few extra months to practice and refine their new skills. There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because you have lifetime access to the program and all future updates! Remember, you choose when the time feels right.


"Hair extensions are too expensive for my clients."

Don’t believe the hype. It’s a myth. Companies with huge marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements have to pay for those things somehow.  Unfortunately, their cost gets passed on to the client.  

In this course, I teach you where to source affordable extensions, and how to incorporate ethical pricing structures. I will show you how to do affordable services that range in price to fit every styling need and every budget.  

I will show you gorgeous long hair techniques that will cost your client less than an average hair color, but cost YOU less in time.  This is how we will gradually turn the table on your income.  By replacing low hourly earning services for higher earning ones, your income will shift dramatically without having to price gouge your friends and family.


"But I don’t want to be a pushy salesman."

Gross.  I don’t want that for you either.  This is about having the ability to offer services your clients actually want at prices they can regularly afford.  With the passive marketing techniques that I teach you, there are no pushy sales pitches and no empty promises.

I’m going to teach you how to be an expert hair extension installer.  With these advanced techniques, you will be able to give your clients hair that they LOVE.  Hair that nature and no other salon services could.  You will be able to create their dream hair at rates they can afford and they will gladly rebook every 45 days. Long flowing no-care-hair is addictive!


"I don’t feel confident in myself to learn this."

The things that I teach in this class are not hard to learn when they are broken down into simple components.  You will be able to watch the lessons as many times as you need to.  I will be with you every step of the way, helping you with questions as they come up.  You aren’t alone, and I believe in you.


"Wait...this sounds too good to be true - why doesn’t everyone do this?

Right?!  I think that all the time. The truth is that this isn’t for everyone.  If you or your clients aren’t interested in longer, thicker and more fabulous hair then it's not a good fit.  (Shout out to my barbers!  We still love you!)

However, if you feel a little spark when you think about hair extensions, then it's almost certain to increase your bottom line by a few thousand dollars each month - even with just a few clients. If you can magically transform someone’s short hair saving them the ugly years of grow out, you’ve just become their hero. No joke, these clients will love you - and they talk.


Buy FTW: Flex-Tip Workshop Now!


Includes All Modules:

Module 1: Universal Foundations of Hair Extensions
Module 2: Flex-Tip Nano Hair Extension Installation
Module 3: Advanced Cutting, Blending & Styling - Your Credibilty
Module 4: Certification Testing and Affiliate Program - Your Integrity


One Payment of $397

Deepest gratitude for you continuing to take your time to create these amazing videos to inspire educate and expand peoples skill sets. You are a rockstar – and queen of video education tutorials. I personally have learned a lot over the last eight years working with you and your talented, professional and outgoing staff at Doctored Locks.

Lauren T. - Goddess Hair Academy



Hey there!  I’m Melinda (or Doc if you prefer nicknames) and I’m obsessed with hair extensions!

I am the owner and founder of Doctored Locks Hair Extensions.  I am an internationally recognized educator and cosmetologist with over 20 years of extension experience.

Over the last two decades, I have helped thousands of struggling stylists create their dream job and stabilize their income through adding higher end niche hair services to their repertoire.

I created this course because I know that stylist burnout is all too real.  My goal is to keep you engaged, and building toward a career that fulfills you.  I can’t wait to help you get your clients hooked and for you to create your own successful hair extension career.

I’m excited to have you on board!

15 years ago in March, I found Doctored Locks on the internet. My passion for hair extensions started as a hobby.  This has now grown into a fully fledged massively successful business.  The main thing for me is I absolutely love my job.  I branched out into crazy coloured hair and helping people who were recovering from cancer and transforming their very short hair.  Thank you for helping me bring out my inner creativity and realise my dream. xx

Amanda - Hair extensions by Amanda